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Successful real estate buying, selling or investing requires a solid, well-rounded team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in international issues, social skills, a professional network of contacts, and accurate service.


Change is constant and each client is unique.

The Jeff & Sally Jia Real Estate team is a trusted, experienced and accomplished real estate team that blends the best of both worlds and the best of both worlds and is well versed in the development and resources of London and the region, specializing in multi-ethnic clientele.

Sally Jia is a professional real estate agent with a background in computer software engineering. She has a keen interest in learning and practicing all aspects of the real estate field. Combining knowledge and experience from various sources, analyzing the market in depth and comprehensively has become Sally's professional habit, providing the best real estate sales solutions to suit her clients' needs, Sally is rigorous in her work, and has completed countless beautiful transactions that have won her clients' trust.
Sally has completed numerous beautiful transactions and has earned the trust of her clients.

Jeff is the Lead Broker and graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Accounting. A native Londoner, Jeff is proud to call London his community and is passionate about connecting others with his hometown. Jeff knows the history of the city and its surrounding towns and cities like a city dictionary, knowing the ups and downs of every industry, the evolution of every street, the social fabric, the resources and the connections in London and its surroundings, and continues to be a valuable resource for his clients.

Jeff has 35 years of experience in the building materials chain and is well versed in the agricultural and livestock industries around London. Jeff is a knowledgeable and trusted source of information about the factors that influence home and land values and is committed to helping his home selling clients expand their pipeline and his home buying clients have a great life experience.

With style and humor, Jeff brings his knowledge of the real estate industry to marketing and sales, and believes that the depth and breadth of service he provides goes far beyond the sale of a home, leaving his clients and their families with great memories of the buying and selling process.

Sally & Jeff believe that adherence to professional standards protects their clients' interests to the fullest extent, and that extensive knowledge and experience is the foundation of their service. Real estate transactions are about providing quality service and real value to every guest with a genuine need. A real estate agent's service is more than just manual labor: showing a home or putting a sign on the lawn.

At Sally & Jeff, we believe that the real estate transaction is a process of professional guidance and service centered on understanding the client's true needs. From the initial contact with the client to the closing of the sale, Sally & Jeff update clients on market trends, share relevant experiences, and adjust and optimize sales strategies to ensure their success.

With over 10 years of experience in real estate sales, Sally & Jeff have served a large number of high quality clients from Canada, Europe, America, Asia and many other countries, and have become the center of their knowledge, experience, ability and connections. Professional cultivation, so that they have been continuously for many years to win the industry Diamond Award, the Century Award, Sally & Jeff's work attitude and achievements, in the customers and peers to win a good reputation and word of mouth.

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